Lamtech INC.


At Lamtech Incorporated we provide the following services:
At Lamtech Incorporated we design, build, and install custom cabinets to AWI standards including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, pantry cabinets, storage cabinets, and just about anything you would need a cabinet for. We can design everything in house or if you already have drawings we can build accordingly.

At Lamtech Incorporated we build and install custom laminate and solid surface counter tops with a wide selection of materials, colors, and coverings using top quality materials.

At Lamtech Incorporated we are able to provide CNC router services which include Auto CAD design of the parts you need and the ability to machine them on our CNC router.  

At Lamtech Incorporated we build and install store fixtures, magazine racks, and displays, contact us about any type of store fixture you may need.

At Lamtech Incorporated we can laminate your counter tops, store fixtures, and just about anything that you may need laminated. We also offer the unique service of on-site relaminating and refurbishing.

At Lamtech Incorporated, for commercial customers, we can provide many of these services after hours for customers that do not want normal business hours of operation interrupted.

At Lamtech Incorporated we have experience in all types of applications such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, gas stations, bookstores, and banks just to name a few check our Who We Serve page to see some of the companies we have worked with to date.